Fragrance Guide


Imagine a roaring fire and boughs of cedar and fir. Amber is a warm fragrance with a base of evergreens complemented by hints of wood smoke and spice. This fragrance has year-round appeal but it is especially nice in cooler months and for winter holidays.

Blue Spa

Clean soothing, fresh, and subtle are perfect adjectives to describe Blue Spa. Think of a warm day at the beach and fresh sea air. Blue Spa is a good all-season scent.


Thought to be a natural insect repellent. Our Citronella is intended for outdoor use only.

Cool Citrus Basil

Cool Citrus Basil, one of our best-selling fragrances, is fresh and citrusy with notes of lemon and lime complemented by an herbal blend. A popular fragrance in all seasons, but especially good in warmer months.

Dreamsicle A delightful blend of orange and vanilla. (This candle may dry more yellow than our standard candle)


A more masculine scent, Lifeguard has pleasant spice undertones.


A rich floral fragrance, Magnolia, combines the light sweetness of magnolia blossoms with subtle herbal notes. Magnolia fragrance is a perfect pairing with our floral-patterned cachepots.

Oranges & Cloves

Oranges and Cloves balances the freshness of oranges and other citrus scents and the spice of warm cloves. This fragrance is perfect for fall, winter, and holiday.

Red Currant

Red Currant, our most popular fragrance for winter months, is slightly sweet and warm with notes of fruits and flowers and yet it's tart and refreshing. It's a great year-round scent.


Grapefruit and Honey; bright and fresh.